Death of a Friend EP

by Trapdoor Social

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released 01 December 2012

Produced by Curt Schneider



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Track Name: Inertia
Turned pale gasping for air
Hands tied on top of a chair
Time goes by so callously

Outside walking around
Seem free but carefully bound
Woken every time I sleep

But I wouldn't dream it
If I hadn't seen it
Staring out

No one could deserve this
Hanging from a rope that never ends
Every second I am nervous

Still think that there's a purpose
Waiting for the slack to reach its end
It can't be long now

Think slow but fast on the draw
Let slip the things that I saw
Tangled up inside my head
And I can't forget them

Wait for the doorknob to turn
Lie wake waiting to learn
Dreams bleed out into my bed
And I'm lying in them

But I wouldn't dream it
If I hadn't seen it
Staring out
Ships are floating away
Run right now in you're in the clear
Cut it loose and disappear
Track Name: Seppuku
Like we said at the start
It's a part of us all
It's the picture we hang
On the burning wall

Shouldering a wounded heart
With my pride on the line
The words tumble out wrong
As I turn the knife

Before you turn to speak
I know the answer
And my face turns white
Before you turn to leave
I get there faster

All the world just seems to melt away
Who needs these people's pity anyways

Shades of truth in their words
Enough to light up in sparks
Every thing that we've made
All gets torn apart

A blood soaked flick of the wrist
And the ashes fly off
I don't know what I've done
Until once it's stopped

All the world just seems to melt away
Who needs these people's pity anyways
All the world world just seems to melt away
Who needs these people's comfort anyways

Can't calm down
Carry it all around
Every second, every breathe
Save yourself
I can not be helped
A little choked up just at the thought of it
Track Name: Save the World
Ive got to save this night
Got to get my head on right for you
Im falling off sideways

Ever since I saw your face
I thought a lot about my place in here
Im nothing but ordinary

Every dream in my head
Every word that ive read
Everything that Ive thought
Thought but I should’ve said

All the things that Ive done
All the races Ive run
Comes to together in one
But, don’t know what’s to come

You make every part of me 
Stand up and fight
To save the whole world
Turn what’s dark into light

You make every part of me
Want to do more 
To save the whole world
Be the one you adore

The more time that passes by
It all becomes much clearer why you are
Different from everyone
This world confuses me 
But ever since the fuse in me has lit
I’ve wondered what I could do

Of all the reasons there are to choose
Most will never do
It's love that makes me stay
Melted back into everyone
When you didn't come
Nothing to keep me from washing away
Track Name: Like You Never
Run, run like you've never run
Running all the way back to the place where your love first begun

Dream, dream like you're seventeen
Dream it back until everything's just as perfect as it once seemed

Sing, sing you like you've never sung
Sing it so loud that they'll travel from places you thought were to far too come

Fight, like you're not scared to die
Do it for all of the people that always have stood right by your side

Between your fears
It's shining out
Go on and take it
And turn the world around

Fast, it's faster than you or I
Turn around doing so many things you thought that you'd never try

You kept, you kept coming up for breath,
But what you wanted was so deep you'd get there and have nothing left

Let it go, overflow, possibilities
Pushing pieces into place and make yourself believe
No mistakes, it's make or break and everyone will see you